All about The Pear Phone and Pear Pad

The Pear Phone is crammed full of functionality having borrowed many of the features of the popular Pear Pad: a camera (for still and video), a stereo media player, and WiFi connectivity. Unlike the Pear Pad, the Pear Phone is also a cell phone and can be used like a computer. Users can send and receive text messages, emails, visual voicemail, and web pages.the PearPhone is one of the most seen PearProducts, next to the Pearbook. So far, it looks like anyone who’s on iCarly owns a PearPhone except Nevel, as he is a « bad guy ».The pear phone and the pear pad that they use on Nickelodeon shows such as iCarly and Victorious is not real.  It is a prop, and a pretty blatant take on Apple products (get it?  Apple, Pear, both fruits roughly the same size, etc).

Pear produces a line of smartphones as an alternative to that other fruit. The Pear Phone is intended for the purely creative and imaginative forward thinking mind.

Up until the end of Season 4, Sam hadn’t been seen with a PearPhone, in iParty with Victorious, she is seen exchanging text messages with Carly during class with a PearPhone GX. Carly Shay got her first PearPhone G1 at age 13 from her older brother, Spencer Shay. Freddie Benson got his first at the same age from his mother, Marissa Benson. Spencer Shay had a PearPhone G5 that was broken by Chuck in iFind Lewbert’s Lost Love, and later got a PearPhone GX in black. Sam got her first PearPhone, a PearPhone GX, right before iParty with Victorious.


Many didn’t believe that Sam had a PearPhone GX, although you can see a Red PearPhone GX by her legs in ICan’t Take It. Gibby still has a 2 year old PearPhone 2G, though in Season 5, he was seen with a green PearPhone GX. As seen in IGoodbye in a shop display at the mall, PearPhones have a coloured background which matches the outside colour of the phone; similar to iPhone 5C’s.

On iCarly, the PearPad 1 is an obvious exaggeration to the iPad in size, for it is much bigger (about four times the size) than it is in real life. The PearPad 1 was first mentioned in a webcast in iGot a Hot Room as one of the things Carly asks for her 16th birthday. The device is also used by Spencer in his blog where he states that he’s in jury duty and blogging it up on his PearPad.

It is also shown in iGet Pranky, after the opening credits end, where Carly is looking at one in her room. A Creddie fan in iStart a Fanwar also carries a Pear Pad .